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Social Media Managers In High Demand

As the world now sees the importance of social media, a new industry is born.  The return on investment on investing on social media marketing is light years ahead of traditional on-line and off-line marketing, in terms of cost effectiveness, brand recognition, cost per acquisition, and genuine connection and loyalty to customers and patients.

Most small business’s can not afford a full time social media managers like large corporations, which can fetch salaries of well over 100k per year.  This opens a large window of opportunity for independent social media managers to fill that void, on a sub-contracted basis, for as little as 16.00′s per hour!

The early adopters to this growing segment of small business’s monthly marketing budget will benefit from capture a large market share and the early adopter small business owner will benefit from these low introductory package prices.

The typical sales funnel vary but are generally grouped as follows.
Audit & Evaluation
(This offer explains the various media so the client can set-up)
-Review their existing Social Media Profiles
-FACEbook Fan Page Custom Tab
-Teach how to manage their social media
$197.00 one time
Technical Setup
(This offer does the initial work for the client)
-Set up profiles (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linklin
-Network Profiles with existing website
-Custom Graphic Package across all Media
-Wordpress Blog – set up as an outsource
Everything will be cohesive and flowing
$297.00 one time
(3) Three levels of Management Service Packages  (Basic, Business & Celebrity)
Ranging anywhere from $500.00 per month to $2000.00 depending on the complexity of the package features.
Basic Package
-Client receives 1 call per month
-Basic Profile Maintenance
      *Accept/Decline Request
      *Reply to Inbox Messages
      *Delete Spam from Profile Wall
 -Keep account neat and professional
-No more than 3 profiles
-Content Distribution
     *Posting status updates provided by client
       -Blog, articles,promotions, PDF’s, Quotes
     *Cross posting to other profiles
     *1 or 2 status updates per day per network
-Customer Service Responses
-Manage site anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour per week day
$500.00 per month
Business Package
This offer includes everything that is on the Basic Package
-Increase the status updates per network per day from 1 or 2   to   3 or 4
-Increase to two calls per month
-Add another Networks
-Basic Engagement
       *Commenting, replying, responding on behalf of client
         (Client must prompt what to say and how to say it )
-Audience Building
        *Growing the followers, Fans connections
        *Influences, Blogger, Outreach
        *connect with potential customers in the target market
-Manage site anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours per week day
Celebrity Package
This offer includes everything that is on the Basic and Business Package
-Blog maintenance
-Content Creation
    *Assist in content creation
    */assist in Audio, Video content
-Reputation  management
    *keep profiles freshly updated with most recent content
    *Distribute content for maximum visibility
-Facebook & Contest
-Goggle Alerts
-Consult with client as frequently as needed
-Manage site up to 3 hours per week day

If you are in the job market, possibly for spending too much time on twitter.. then ladies and gentle you have met your calling.

Marketing Lessons From Peddlers – Why You Must be Different

Everyday on the subway, I see kids selling candy.   Despite the fact that is illegal, I have to admire their entrepreneurial spirit.

The problem is that it’s usually the same old lame “schtic”… allow me to re-create this for you phonetically for those of you that may not be so fortunate to hear it first hand.

“Excuse me ladies an gentleMAN, we’re sorry for the interuptiAN.  I’m Jamal and this is my brother Tayjon.  We ain’t selling candy for no school or for no baskeball team, its to put some money in our pockets to keep us outta trouble and keep us off da streets.  The canDEE is a doLLA and all I got is M&M peanut, starburst and welCHA’S fru – snacks.”

By now every NY’er  has seen or heard this on the trains… and I, like most drown this out as background noise because it is the same exact message over and over.

If they were smart marketers they would offer a “product” that was more targeted or at least come up with a new schtic… perhaps they if talked about how after work snack keeps your metabolism going,  or healthy snacks helps to reduce weight by reducing binge eating at home, or pretty much anything else, they would get better results. Humans are hardwired to drown out constant stimulus… it is the reason you don’t feel your clothes, the reason you don’t notice the refrigerator compressor until it clicks off, etc.  So what does this mean for you and your network marketing career?  Well it means…


If you look just like everyone else, then you have no unique value to an interested prospect.  Network marketing is a people business not a company or product business.  Prospects have to connect with you.  You can NOT only have the same old replicated company site that everyone else has and expect people to find you attractive to work with.

If you offer no added value to your prospects, then you give them no reason to work with you.  Instead, you come off looking just as needy as the rest of the reps in your business.  If you don’t believe me look at the top earners in your business.

Notice how they have branded themselves as leaders..
Did they set up the system you are using?
Do they have a personalized web presence?
Do they hold weekly training calls?
Do they frequently do speaking engagements?
Did they write a book?
Did they create a training course?

Look at those leaders and notice how they have effectively marketed themselves and their brand so that people want to join them.

Now… look at your message.
Look at your personal brand, not your business’s brand, yours… do you EVEN have one? What do you have to offer people, except your opportunity, who join you?

If you want the success that the home based business industry can give you, you have to look what you are putting out to your market and be sure it’s not the same, “me too”message as everyone else’s, because if it is, your message will get drowned out as well…

To OUR Success!

Dr Vinny Calderon

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